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Katie McMurry Photography Portfolio

Come and see! A smattering of favorites throughout the years. If I was doing a portfolio for grad school admissions or something similar, this gallery would have approximately 10 photos total in it. I know which ones I've taken that are the worlds better than everything else. Maybe I'll do a portfolio of just those someday.


I don't think that's representative of my work - If you are looking here to see what work I do, especially as the average family looking to get some nice photos of yourselves to hang in the living room or send to grandma, then I feel like you need to see more of my work. I do my best to make everyone look good - from the super good looking families that should be catalogue models to average folks like me.

We ALL have a best side and my job is to show yours. I want you to be able to see that in my portfolio instead of only seeing the handful of smashingly awesome pics of the most gorgeous people who the camera loves on a day when the lighting was just perfect and the bugs stayed away and the children were well rested and cooperative. Trust me, that is NOT how most shoots go! 

PS - I'm best at keeping my facebook page up-to-date with the most recent shoots, so check there for more!